Authors: Kévin

Date: 2022 02 01


Way back when I created some internal usenet groups with the leafnode server that I use to connect by BBS machine to external usenet groups.


I did it the hard way as the BBS service can only use one usenet server at a time, so with the magic of leafnode I combined a lot of them in one place, plus the internal groups.


It's only very recently that I've now started to use the groups as I've setup a web forum to connect the internal ones externally.


New Forum


To connect to the groups via nntp, you will need to have an account on the BBS.

Get an account


Either use the menus to read on the BBS or these details to use a nntp client.



Via the web :


Create an account on


There are some high moderation settings on new users via the web for obvious reasons, you may find a delay between your posts and when they've passed approval.


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